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Texas leaders support cheerleaders’ biblical signs – Houston Chronicle (blog)

“The First Amendment does not demand hostility toward religion,” Abbott said at a Wednesday news conference with Perry to announce that Texas is intervening in the lawsuit to support the Kountze High cheerleading squad. The two state leaders were …
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Tiger football team signs autographs for fans at The Mall – The University Leader

Also present was Victor E. Tiger and the Fort Hays cheerleading squad. Schedule posters for the 2012 season were passed out at the event. The football team stepped on the field on Thursday, August 9, for the first practice of the season. Head Coach Chris …
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Currie will cheer at next level in the fall; signs with NEO – Sequoyah County Times

“I’ve always wanted to cheer in college.” Matt Hinds, Golden Norsemen cheer coach, expressed pleasure with his 2012-13 squad. “It’s looking good,” he said. “This year we have 26. We have the numbers to have an exciting squad this year.
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Pay attention: Signs your teammate may have an eating disorder – Yahoo! Sports

When my own eating disorder was full-blown, I found myself avoiding any kind of social scenarios that involved food, even if it meant not celebrating victories with the cheerleading squad or dance team. Physical activity can lead to weight loss, …
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Q&A: What are some good ideas for cheerleading signs ?

Question by Tori S: What are some good ideas for cheerleading signs ?
I am a varsity cheerleader and I feel like every year we make the same exact signs. Does anyone have any creative ideas ? We are the McDonald Blue Devils and our next big upcoming game is against our rivals Mineral Ridge Rams. Any ideas ?

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Answer by Dick Head

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