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Westfield cheerleader hurt at state competition – Indianapolis Star

Maya Stephanoff, a freshman cheerleader, fell during a routine while her squad was performing at the Indiana Cheer Championship at Southport High School, said Chris Rogers, administrative assistant at Westfield’s athletic department. The girl injured her …
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Five from Cincinnati area badly hurt at Indiana State Fair – Cincinnati.com

She also was on the cheerleading squad and formed a strong bond with Toothman, the coach, that she maintained after graduation. Her mother and sister were also very involved with the school and the group had decided to go to the concert together. …
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University ban on cheerleading stunt may hurt chances at national competition – TCU Daily Skiff

Because the university prohibits TCU’s cheerleading squad from performing a specific stunt, the squad feels its chances to advance at this week’s National Cheerleading Association national competition will be hurt, the squad’s captain said. …
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Did I hurt my collarbone badly in cheerleading?

Question by boicrzy96: Did I hurt my collarbone badly in cheerleading?
I was at a 7 hour cheerleading stunt clinic today, and i got hurt multiple times doing very advanced stunts. Including getting punched in the face, elbowed in the chest, kicked in then collarbone many times. Well now that I’m at home i’m sore as heck. But my collarbone especially hurts.. I can barely turn without it killing and almost putting me in tears from pain. Should I visit the doctor or could it just be bruising that will be gone tomorrow?

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Answer by Deepani K
Take some painkillers every 4 or 6 hours and try to rest. If it is still there by Monday,see a Dr.

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Does it hurt cheerleading if you have your belly button pierced?

Question by xosmbbox: Does it hurt cheerleading if you have your belly button pierced?
I just got my belly button pierced on Sunday, and I am going to cheer camp at the beginning of August. I am a flier, and i was wondering is it going to hurt? Also, there is a little scab forming near the top of my belly, is that bad, or just part of the healing process?

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Answer by Tara I
no i dont think it willl

you will be fine

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