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More girls to be cheerleaders at Colleyville Heritage High School – Fort Worth Star Telegram

In making the decision, administrators said they wanted more student participation on the squad than the tryouts allowed, as well as three full teams of cheerleaders, which has been the custom at Colleyville Heritage. Late last month, about 50 …
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Colleville cheerleaders will all make the squad after tryout results tossed – Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog)

by NoWin

Bowing to pressure from angry parents who saw their daughters’ high school cheerleading dreams tossed aside, Colleyville Heritage High School administrators reversed an earlier decision to create a smaller squad that would do better in cheerleading …
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Colleyville Heritage cheerleaders take grievances to school board – Fort Worth Star Telegram

Parents say differing standards at the two schools cause a disparity in judging, rating Colleyville’s candidates for a competitive squad and Grapevine’s for more informal sideline cheering. “One of the judges stated that the Colleyville Heritage High …
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Cheerleaders bring home more than memories – Nicholls Worth

This year’s squad will feature eight girls and eight boys, something Nicholls has not seen for a number of years. Head cheerleader Cali Baio, marketing senior from Marrero, LA, said of the team’s adjustment: “It was a challenge to transition into a …
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