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Are The Brooklyn Nets Cheerleader Uniforms Trashy? (PHOTOS) – Fashion & Style

Zipper jersey mini-dresses you may remember seeing in music videos 10 years ago are making a comeback for the Nets’ cheer squad. Leatherette halter tops, studded black knee-high boots with “Brooklyn” printed across the leg, and black and white striped …
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VIDEO: Oregon Cheer Squad Releases “Gangnam Style” Parody – Lost Lettermen

by Jrome

A month and a half after taking the music world by storm, the K-Pop hit “Gangnam Style” by Psy is hilariously parodied in a video staring Oregon’s mascot, Puddles, and the school’s cheerleading squad. It’s a great twist on the trippy video that caught …
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Move In Comfort and Style With Quality Cheerleading Warm-Ups – Student Operated Press

The cheerleading squad is expected to promote the school spirit in any sporting events with the use of rhyming chants, choreographed dance and stunts. This means you need to have a lot of energy to execute dance routines, perform chants while at the …
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Radical Cheerleading Group Protests Unfair Wages For Farmworkers, Flashmob Style – Open Media Boston

The cheerleading squad then went to Trader Joe’s located in Brookline, where the flashmob took place in-store, to the surprise of many employees and customers there. The last performance took place at another Stop & Shop store in Brookline, …
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