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Buckeye Local cheering routine sparks controversy – Martins Ferry Times Leader

Some of the deductions the Panthers were docked for included not every member of the squad taking part in the routine, the cheerleaders’ hair was removed from a pony tail and several other mistakes. It’s been alleged that the Buckeye Local squad, …
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Orlando Magic cheerleader injured during Tuesday routine – SB Nation

It’s unknown if the cheerleader was a member of Orlando’s cheerleading squad, or if she’s an acrobat. Luckily for the young woman and her friends and family, the injured and immobilized dancer was seen waving her hands to the crowd as she was being …
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MU cheerleaders to perform routine on campus before heading to nationals – WOWK

Marshall University’s cheerleading squad will perform for the local public this weekend in an open house before heading to the nationals next week in Daytona Beach, Fla. The Thundering Herd squad will perform its national routine for the local audience …
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Routine Goal-Line Play Leads to a Sudden Death and Unsettling Questions – New York Times

On Sunday, less than 48 hours after the tragedy, the Phoenix Firebird cheerleading squad hosted an impromptu fund-raiser at the tavern across the street from the high school with donations going to Barden’s family. In this town about fifty minutes …
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As a cheerleader how do u grasp the routine so fast?

Question by hello: As a cheerleader how do u grasp the routine so fast?
I want to tryout for varsity cheer leading but im unsure if i will b able to pick up the routine as fast as the girls who have experience. Can u give me any tips?
i want to try out for varsity the end of this year (soph.) i tried out for freshmen squad but i didnt make it im willing to give it another try though

Best answer:

Answer by TumbleBee58
always, always, always for everything you do in the routine count it in counts of 8.
that way when your trying to remember you can try to remember what count the move was on. for example:
high v on 1
roll down 2
set 3-4
jump 5-6
pose 7-8.

thats just basic. but i hope i helped.

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Q&A: What are some good songs for a cheerleading competition routine?

Question by Kelsey: What are some good songs for a cheerleading competition routine?
It’s a varsity team. We want ones that other squads wouldn’t have in theirs. What are some good songs that are kinda older but not too old and some that are newer.

Best answer:

Answer by ed9455
Rick em, Rack em, Rock em Ruck em
Knock em down and really f …. Fight?

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What is a song for a cheerleading routine?

Question by Sarah: What is a song for a cheerleading routine?
Im a cheer coach and this is my first year. What is a good song for my girl to take to camp? They are 10-14 year olds.

Best answer:

Answer by mini_marmalade0330
When I was trying out they had us dance to 1,2,3 by Brittany Spears. Its upbeat and not dirty as its for 10-14 year olds. Hope i helped :)

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