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Cheerleaders place 9th at nationals – Cresco Times Plain Dealer

9 and 10, the Crestwood Competition Cheer Squad competed at the National High School Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, Fla. The semifinal round of competition was held on Saturday, Feb. 9 at Hollywood Studios and the squad made it through to …
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Broadview Heights’ Cheer World All Stars bring home gold from US Finals- five … – Plain Dealer (blog)

That’s right – all five eligible teams were crowned Midwest Champions, from the youngsters on the Beta team, ages 6-8 years old, to the 12-18 year olds on the Omega team. “It was an amazing way to end my career at Cheer World,” said senior Kelly Craig, …
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Kirtland coach, players, band and fans turn out for championship pep rally – Plain Dealer

By John Kuntz, The Plain Dealer Members of the Kirtland High School cheerleading squad chant as they march with the football team, band and fans on Chillicothe Road for the start of their football team’s rally The group was inspiring the team and fans …
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Shallow & just plain crazy: Those Dallas women in Big Rich Texas are over the top – CultureMap Houston

by 만박

So it’s not surprising that the young women are focused on such “career” goals as making the cheerleading squad, winning beauty pageants, dating boys and yes, even sometimes attending college. All eight women are attractive, because this series is …
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Can someone help me find a plain red cheerleader outfit for a 3 month old girl?

Question by Abby C: Can someone help me find a plain red cheerleader outfit for a 3 month old girl?
I can’t find any Chiefs apparel for a baby that young, so I think I’ll just make one. Can you help me find a cheerleader outfit or cute little dress with any of the KC Chiefs colors on it? (red, black, white, and yellow)

Best answer:

Answer by Emma’sMommy TTC
They sell patterns at Wal Mart in the sewing section.

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