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NFL cheerleader indicted for allegedly having sex with high school student – The Imperfect Parent

Sarah Jones is currently the captain of the Cincinnati Ben-Gals cheerleading squad. In 2009 she made national headlines and appeared in television interviews after suing TheDirty.com for posting multiple salacious stories that claimed she slept with …
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Estero High parent berated former cheerleading coach in emails prior to firing – Naples Daily News

by glemak

More than a dozen Estero cheerleaders asked the School Board for answers at two consecutive board meetings. Many of them have stopped cheering for the team to show their loyalty to Zivich. “How am I supposed to walk away when they’re saying we’re not …
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Former cheer coach: Parent sent 100 emails complaining about Hooters job … – Naples Daily News

22 board meeting, almost 15 girls asked the board for answers regrading the firing of their cheer coach. At Tuesday’s meeting, seven girls from the cheerleading squad stood in front of the board and said they never received answers. …
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