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Video! Outrage! High School Cheerleaders Hold Up Banners With Bible Verses! – Student Operated Press

cheerleaders. The cheerleading squad at Kountze High School, just north of Beaumont, Texas, would show their support for the team, and also display their religious beliefs, by painting Bible verses on the banners players run through before every game.” …
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School yearbook page with photos of cheerleaders’ legs sparks outrage – DailyIndia.com

Washington, June 2: The cheerleading squad at River City High School were in for a rude shock after reading an article titled “Who Wears Short Shorts” in the school’s new yearbook, which described them as showing “more leg than Daisy Duke” and …
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‘More leg than Daisy Duke’: Cheerleaders’ outrage at cruel article accusing … – Daily Mail

By Daily Mail Reporter A school yearbook has been censored after it mocked the cheerleading team for wearing short skirts and published unflattering and revealing photos of the squad. The River City high school cheerleaders were ridiculed for showing …
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