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Cheerleaders win spirit award for eighth year in a row – Silver Chips Online

On Saturday, the Blair cheer team competed against seven other teams in the Division II cheerleading competition, which took place at Blair, and took home the spirit award for the eighth year in a row. The Blair cheerleading team, above, took home the spirit …
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Eighth Street Middle School cheerleaders win competition – Tifton Gazette

The Eighth Street Middle School competition cheerleading squad captured first place this past weekend at the Bearcat Classic held in Bainbridge. Elizabeth Ellen McKinney won the jump-off and Lakyn Sailer won the tumble-off. We will compete again …
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Holland Christian competitive cheer eighth in Division 2 coaches poll, West … – HollandSentinel.com

Holland Christian’s competitive cheer squad competes in the West Ottawa Competitive Cheer Invitational on Saturday afternoon at West Ottawa High School. By Staff reports The Holland Christian competitive cheer team made its debut in the state coaches …
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What do i need for eighth grade level cheerleading?

Question by JAZBAMA_THE_GREAT: What do i need for eighth grade level cheerleading?
im trying out for cheerleading at the end of the year and i want to know some tips and tricks thx

Best answer:

Answer by Your Mama12
Well, im in 8th grade and im a cheerleader. But i have cheered since i was 3 years old so i have alot more then the avarge 8th grade cheerleader. But Half of the 8th grade cheerleaders have at least a backhandspring. But if its your first time S P I R I T REALLY is important in cheerleading. Just smile; work on jumps; maybe some tumbling and be loud and happy!!

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