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Ex-Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones Speaks Out About Being Called ‘Female … – International Business Times

Jones, in contrast, was a high school teacher in Kenton Country, Ky., where she is accused of sexually “abusing” a student, the Examiner said. The former captain of the Bengals cheerleading squad also is accused of unlawfully using electronic means to …
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Court: NFL Cheerleader Accused of Sex with Minor Can Sue Website That Called … – KSEE

Jones, a five-year veteran of the Ben-Gals cheerleading squad, was indicted in Covington, Kentucky on charges of first-degree sexual abuse last month. The indictment states the alleged sexual relationship with the high school student took place between …
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What is the move in cheerleading called when you’re in a circle or a line, and someone does a back tuck?

Question by Kuni: What is the move in cheerleading called when you’re in a circle or a line, and someone does a back tuck?
My squad wants some cool, non-stunting things to do at halftime–so we found this move online when you’re squad is either in a line or circle, holding eachother at the elbows and the person between you and your fellow squad member does a back tuck. Obviously one at a time. But what is this called? And how do you do it? We were trying to figure it out today, but couldn’t. Also, any cool, non-stunting things we could do? Thanks so much! 10pts for the right answer!

Best answer:

Answer by josh
In high school we just called it our tuck line. There isn’t a name in general for it…
How you do it…
Line up in a straight line or circle see example below


okay so the o’s are the people that DO NOT FLIP. The X’s are actually holding the o’s shirts or each others arm 9(high on the arm) the o’s hold hand behind the o’s backs the o’s and the x’s help the 1 o that is flipping get around.
I would HIGHLY suggest going to a all-star gym and doing this ONLY ON MATS! This is dangerous and I would hate to see your school end up on the news…. Be very careful!

Also if you are interested in cheerleading in college check out www.collegecheerguide.com this is a very informative website about cheerleading at specific schools across the USA!

Good luck to you and you squad, remember SAFETY FIRST and if you don’t feel comfortable doing the skill, DON’T!

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How do you do a cheerleading lift we always called a butt lift?

Question by becca: How do you do a cheerleading lift we always called a butt lift?
We have tried to remember how to prep for it but it never works. The end result should be a single base holding you butt up with their arm extended .

Best answer:

Answer by CATScheer
ahhhh this is called a toss chair or chair sit. are you coed or all girl? there are different ways to start this stunt… the basic way is with a step up into it then you can try a drive from the ground and then finally a toss to the chair. The basic way is to have the main base squat with her hand on the bottom of the flier and the left arm grabbing the left ankle of the flier.
the flier should be stepping onto the mains thigh with her left leg and then both hands on the shoulder of the base.
both people dip together and then drive to the top. the flier rotates to the front and pulls her right leg up to rest on the extended arm of the base… the base dips and drives the flier up with the ankle grabbing hand and pushes the fliers bottom up with the right hand.. the stunt turns to the front naturally… be safe and great luck!

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Q&A: Why do girls want cheerleading to be called a sport?

Question by truthfinder: Why do girls want cheerleading to be called a sport?
If cheerleading is a sport then why do you only play your “sport” when there is another sport being played? I understand you have maybe 1 or 2 actual events a year but you have got to admit that is nothing but a dance compitetion.
Just because you have to be athletic to do something does not make that something a sport. Another thing evertime I ask a girl if she played sports in highschool she says: NO I CHEERED. unless they played sports of course then i get: yeah softball, basketball,vollyball, ect…. try it yourself and see what happens.
Yes i’ve seen what the compitetions are about. That is my very point. It is a choreographed dance. It is very impressive and you have to be very agile to do it but you are not reacting to what another team or person is doing. Sorry not a sport.
The scoring system is done by a panel of judges. JUST LIKE A DANCE COMPITETION. Dance teams pratice alot too so your argument is what is stupid. And you should be the one that should keep your mouth shut. People on good chess teams practice alot too and that does not make chess a sport. Cheerleading can be very hard to do but that’s not the point. the point is that it is not a sport i don’t care how many and you can’t make a reasonable argument that is , and will never be able too.
I got ahead of myself there. I don’t care how many comps you do. it is not a sport. The only people that care about cheerleading is cheerleaders themselves and maybe the parents of one. Everyone else wants you to shut up so they can watch the game in peace!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by likeOMGkaelyn
well i would absolutely love to see you try to do this- just watch and you will then understand and yes you do have to be fit in order to do it



at allstar cheer we have practice 3 times a week for 3 hours each and high school 6 days a week 2 hours people break and sprain things in cheerleading more than anyother sport and also their have been some deaths in cheerleading not that any of that is good but im guessing you diddnt know that.

PS on top of practice you have to run a 1/2 mile to 1 mile (depending on the day) and condtion at the end just like anyother sport and if you want me to keep going i can but i would rather not

btw then i guess you dont think dance gynastics or anything else like that is a sport do you?

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How to get clear skin? Is it a better compliment to be called cheerleader pretty or model pretty?

Question by Lime Green Queen: How to get clear skin? Is it a better compliment to be called cheerleader pretty or model pretty?
How do I get flawless skin? And which is a better compliment?

Best answer:

Answer by Lalala
Both are good it depends on what you believe models are more chic while cheerlearders are more peppy natural pretty

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