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Judge Rules in Favor of Cheerleaders Using Bible Verse on Banners – KTRH – KTRH

The court battle for a southeast Texas high school cheerleading squad appears to be over after a judge ruled in their favor. The case revolved around the practice of putting bible verse and scripture on the large banners that the football team runs through …
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Washington Post editorial: Separate Bible verses and school – Dallas Morning News

The football team then runs through the sign to start play. With whom would you think that religious message was associated? The school-sponsored cheerleading squad holding the sign and lined up around it, obviously. The school-sponsored football team, …
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Judge allows Texas cheerleader squad to use Bible banners – Windsor Star

A Texas high school cheerleading team may continue using religious scriptures on banners at football games for now, a federal judge ruled on Thursday, saying the students had a constitutional right to express their faith on school property. The ruling over the …
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